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Team Sharp 7th Grade Blue, 6th Grade White and 5th Grade Take Championship In Final Fall Tournaments

Both 7th grade Blue and 6th grade White were undefeated in their final weekend of the fall season. The 7th grade won the FCP Fall Final going 4-0 and defeating a tough DPS team in the final 41-33. Noel Grady, Gianna Lorenzo and Molly McDermott lead the way for Team Sharp the entire weekend. The 6th grade White also finished the weekend I defeated And winning the championship in the Dream Big Fall classic. In the finals they defeated the NJ Raptors 33-19. Thelma Ikejibeh was a force all weekend for the 6th grade team.

The 5th grade team also had a big weekend winning the BBall Shootout Championship while going undefeated. Gella Hollins and Amelia Lawrence were outstanding for Team Sharp throughout the tournament. Congratulations to all our teams for an outstanding fall.

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